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The children’s are the creator of bright future. Physically healthy, radiant in mind and intellect, generous by heart and full of inner strength, such children will become the best citizen of the Nation and they will create the Great Nation of Twenty-First century. For such holistic development of the children Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi has established Children’s University which ensures to provide all needed help and care for the integral development of the Child and Tapovan is its first step towards this new endeavor which would provide Prenatal Care and Education. Because Child education must begin at prenatal stage and education must continue right through the whole life. Thus the expectant mothers have a very unique role to play in this progress of human evolution.


The concept of ‘Tapovan’, introduced by Children’s university has been formulated taking into consideration the integral development of fetus by revitalizing and strengthening the mother’s aspiration to give birth to a soul who will be a fore-runner of a New humanity in an age when the people are under a strong influence to achieve materialistic fulfillment rather spiritual fullness.


Tapovan’ has been conceptualized taking into consideration the modern life style of the people. Tapovan will provide an opportunity to pregnant woman to devote herself not only for her self-development, but also to the growth of the fetus taking place within her body because the woman’s role is that of a mini creator. So, it is natural for her to feel happy as she is forming a baby within. Motherhood is the happiest moment for any woman. There are many aspects which influence the women, when she is pregnant.


The need of the hour is to create a health care system which offers an ideal milieu for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of expectant mothers. Tapovan is the place where mothers will get the necessary and essential requirements for the integral development of the child.

Mother’s inspirational thoughts and action make deep impression on child’s physical body, mind and nervous system. These are Innumerable instances mentioned in our sacred books of such influences Even, the modern medical science has proved that the fetus in the uterus absorbs the thoughts and knowledge acquired by the mother during pregnancy. Keeping this in mind every mother should try to keep herself relaxed and happy by having pleasant positive, noble thoughts and emotion. It has been also proved that embryo reacts according to in mother’s emotional behavior.

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